I have always found it one of the strangest aspects of modern schooling that we never quite learn how to be an adult. We learn fractions, history, foreign language, and which homework we do and do not have to make an effort on, but we do not learn any practical life skills whatsoever. We do not learn how to do taxes, how to write checks, how to support ourselves, etc. 

If you’re lucky, your parents teach you. But your parents are ancient- after all, they were new adults decades ago! And times have certainly changed. An example: my grandmother was married at 21. My mother was married at 25 and had a child by 27. My siblings are 25 and 27 and they are nowhere near marriage or children. I am almost 22 myself and have not even had a serious relationship. The time between college and marriage has stretched quite a bit in this new society of individualism and financial instability. 

In my personal harrowing journey into adulthood, I often found myself wishing there was some sort of textbook or guide. The only thing in life I had truly excelled at was school; if there was a textbook on adulting, then I could easily master it. 

But there’s no such thing.

That is why I have decided to make a guide on surviving in your 20s. I’m honestly just figuring everything out as I go – it’ll be nice to have a place to document it all for future reference. Hopefully others find it helpful as well!

With that, I welcome you – not just to my blog but to take this journey of adulthood with me. Please make sure to keep your hands and legs inside the vehicle at all time. There will be plenty of opportunities to take photos, though you may not want to. It’s a long, bumpy road, with no real destination, but there will be lots to do and see! Now, hold on tight, and strap in for the ride of your life!