Hannah’s Guide to “Lover”

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Look, I think we can all agree Lover is Taylor’s most ambitious album. I mean, it’s got 18 AMAZING songs!! But where do each of them actually rank? Don’t worry, I’ve been listening to them all on repeat, so I’ve decided for you. I present to you, the definitive ranking.

18. ME!

Everyone seems to agree on this one. I love Brendan Urie, but this song just didn’t work with him. The “spelling is fun” part was so cringey they had to cut it. Plus I just don’t think it’s at all representative of the album! Why was this your first single Taylor??

17. Daylight

It’s a good closing track; there’s just nothing that special about it. Also, it sort of feels like it could’ve been on Red.

16. Cruel Summer

Don’t @ me. I know people love this one. But the chorus sounds a lot like “Cool” by the Jonas Brothers.

15. Afterglow

I love the lyrics of this one. I love whenever Taylor sings about her mistakes in relationships; I think it’s so human. It’s good, it’s just not great. And on a super long, AMAZING album, that earns it a lower spot.

14. I Think He Knows

This is a good signature Taylor song, but nothing special. It’s got a good bridge, though!

13. Cornelia Street

Something about this song is insanely catchy and sticks in your head, and it fits well into the album. It’s sweet, but not necessarily relatable.

12. You Need to Calm Down

Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE both the video and the message. I also love scream-signing this song while drunk. But musically, it’s not her strongest. It’s more of a guilty pleasure.

11. London Boy

This just feels like classic Taylor and it’s a ton of fun. It’s very relatable for all of us who are obsessed with British accents.

10. The Archer

This was the first single Taylor released that I really loved. I feel like it’s really representative of her new sound (which she does a great job of integrating with her old sound on this album). It’s also just insanely personal and has amazing lyrics. It’s a testament to the album that it’s so low in ranking, because I love this song.

9. The Man

Taylor’s been vocal about this idea before, but putting it in a song is a new stroke of genius. I feel so vindicated when I listen to this. Even though it’s about her being a female celebrity, I think every woman can relate to the judgement we receive.

8. I Forgot That You Existed

This is a such a great intro to the album, because it perfectly bridges Reputation and Lover. This album feels completely new, which I love – but this song still acknowledges where she’s starting from, which is important. It’s also a great anthem for those who have crossed you, which is something I loved about a lot of the songs on Reputation.

7. It’s Nice to Have a Friend

I love when Taylor goes kind of out of her normal sound a bit and this feels like that, but it’s also really cohesive with The Archer and Lover and Soon You’ll Get Better. I like that it doesn’t so much have a chorus. I’m just always intrigued by it.

6. False God

This was one of the first songs I really loved, because it just stuck out to me on the album. It feels like it has a similar theme to her earlier songs but sexier and more grown up, and something about it reminds me of “I Don’t Want to Live Forever” which I loved. Honestly I just love the lyrics and the pacing of it.

5. Death By A Thousand Cuts

Maybe I just personally relate to this song, but I’m obsessed with the lyrics. I also love any song that sounds really jaunty and fun, but is actually sort of dark and sad. It’s also got an amazing intro and bridge.

4. Paper Rings

Everybody loves this song, right? It’s just so FUN. If this doesn’t make you crazy-dance in your pajamas by yourself, you’re not doing it right.

3. Lover

This song is so beautiful and authentic. It’s an anthem to every realistic romantic out there, because the lyrics feel so simple and relatable without being clouded in imagery and metaphor (which can also be great, as seen in the next song on the list). The tone and sound of the song are also very representative of the album, making this work perfectly as the title track.

2. Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince

This is definitely in the top 5 of best Taylor Swift songs of all time. It’s a bit Lana del Rey esque, but still true to Taylor. I love me some high school imagery, as well as the deeper themes this song suggests. This song is just sort of eerie while still being fun and containing classic Taylor elements.

1. Soon You’ll Get Better

This has got to be the best Taylor Swift song of all time. It is so painfully beautiful. It’s fittingly reminiscent of Ronan and The Best Day, but also really fits with her new sound on this album. I also love the Dixie Chicks, so that helps. I know it’s about Taylor’s personal experience with her parents having cancer, but something about it still feels really relatable. Anyone who has dealt with someone they love battling any kind of illness feels this song deep in their heart. I would listen to this on repeat, all day, forever, if I didn’t want to cry every time I listened to it.

Hannah’s Guide to “Reputation”

  1. Don’t Blame Me: I can’t say a single bad thing about this song. It may be my favorite Taylor Swift song ever – I love when she does songs that are a little lower/darker. This song alone makes up for years of silence. I’ve literally played it on repeat for a week straight. 
  2. Getaway Car: This feels like 1989 but updated in the most wonderful way!! It’s true to Taylor while still feeling new. I love the Bonnie and Clyde imagery and the tune is just so fun.
  3. I Did Something Bad: This is just a fun song while still having a darker, sexier tune which I love. This is the only other song I actually bought off the album. I love how unapologetic it is lyrics-wise, but what earns it the #2 spot is the tune. It also has a great opening!
  4. This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: It’s a perfect mix of Red and 1989. It’s just so fun to sing along to!
  5. New Year’s Day: This one should honestly be higher because I love it. But it also makes me want to cry so I can’t always listen to it.
  6. King of My Heart: The title of this one is a little lame. But I love the tune!
  7. Delicate: I love the sort of afraid, cautious nature of this song’s lyrics. It doesn’t feel like anything she’s done before. I like how it refers to the way her reputation has actually affected her love life.
  8. Look What You Made Me Do: This one probably had an unfair advantage from coming out first – I didn’t love it at first, but now I’ve listened to it so much that I love it.
  9. Gorgeous: This is another one that’s just fun on kind of a darker album. Also very relatable, and I love any cat references.
  10. ….Ready for It?: The sing-talking is a little cringe-y…that being said it’s a fun, enjoyable song to listen to and I definitely sing-talk along with her! This one’s a guilty pleasure.
  11. Dress: I like the verses and love the bridge, but I don’t love the chorus. It feels like something I’d hear on the radio from some other popstar; it’s a good song, but it’s not that unique. It reminds me a lot of I Don’t Wanna Live Forever. Good for Taylor for embracing singing about sex now, though!
  12. Dancing with Our Hands Tied: The best part of this song is the title. it has an unexpected tune – that’s not a good or bad thing. I think I wanted it to be a ballad, though. The high hopes I had for this song based on title weren’t really lived up to, but it’s not a bad song. I like the intro, but then when it jumps into lyrics I’m not crazy about it. The bridge is better than the verses for sure.
  13. Call it What you Want: The lyrics start off good, then get cringe-y (“my baby’s ___” lines). The tune is nice, but I feel like it’s kind of anticlimactic; like it builds to something that never happens. It’s also just too cheesy for my taste, but that’s because I’m a cynic.
  14. So it Goes…” This feels like it’s trying to be a song off Halsey’s new album that didn’t quite make it on. There’s too much auto-tune, too. I know that’s the style, but I don’t like it
  15. End Game: I don’t mind pairing with rappers, but this pales in comparison to Bad Blood. It just feels too radio-y and out of character. I was excited for a song with Ed Sheeran but this one is not my favorite.