Hannah’s Guide to Christmas Makeup


Look, I’m going to make this super simple. It’s Christmas. You already know gold/silver/white glitter, cat eyes, and red lipstick are go tos: see below.

You’ll find about a million tutorials for this (see here and here).

You already know my favorite products, too: Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 108, NYX Fine Line liner, and NYX metallic glitter in really any color.

But say you want to change it up this year: I have a couple new palettes that I’m obsessed with. And no surprise, they’re…..


Yes, I’m talking about the Elsa and Anna eyeshadow palettes by Colourpop!! If you’ve read other makeup blogs, you know I love Colourpop. They’ve got great prices and pigments, and these palettes do not disappoint.

Let’s start with the Elsa palette:

Image result for frozen palette colourpop

This one has some really great colors. My favorite is the upper right corner, called Northern Lights. It’s a really pretty champagne pink. Fair warning, the white color on the top left (Cuddle Close) and the silver on the bottom middle (Ice Crystals) both have a bit of a blue tinge!

The colors are gorgeous, and create the perfect icy winter look. See below for a great tutorial! (Which also uses the other Elsa makeup!)

Now for the Anna palette!

Image result for frozen palette colourpop

This one’s a lot warmer, like Anna. I love Scooch In, the top left, as a highlight color, and the Arendelle gold glitter is gorgeous. This palette is also great for fall. Here’s a tutorial below!

Here’s another great tutorial that uses both!

Overall, I like Elsa’s palette better, but I tend to use shadows from both when creating a look. It’s really fun to experiment with mixing colors like purple and blue like Elsa does, and Anna’s looks are really nice and more everyday.

Anyways, besides my signature look, that’s what I’m wearing this holiday season! What about you?

Hannah’s Guide to Euphoria Makeup

So I’m no longer cool (okay, I never was), but it seems like everyone and their mother nowadays is doing bright, sparkly makeup. AKA, the look popularized in the HBO series Euphoria.

It’s a look that defies traditional beauty standards and breaks all the basic eye makeup rules. You’re supposed to look natural; the swarovski crystals are anything but. You’re supposed to stay within your lid; many of the looks on the show include glitter streaming down the cheeks, angular lines on the browbone, and rhinestones on the eyebrows. You’re supposed to stick with neutral colors; half the looks on Euphoria include neon. If you wear statement makeup, your whole face has to be done up; Jules often wears a streak of bright eyeliner with no other visible makeup.

It’s wonderfully subversive and fun, the way that makeup should be – not as a necessary evil to not appear “tired” or “unprofessional” as a woman, but a means of self-expression.

It’s important to note that, like many of youth’s beauty trends, this trend actually comes from drag culture. Take a scroll down pinterest’s drag search and you’ll see plenty of neon, glitter, rhinestones, and coloring “outside of the lines”. It’s the exact opposite of natural. Obviously, as with all drag beauty trends that go mainstream (think of contouring or baking), it’s much more muted and subtle, and it’s got its own twist. But today’s culture is very much influenced by the gay and urban communities, without really paying tribute to them.

Euphoria at least tries to do so. The show’s makeup is appropriately donned by its leading female cast members of different sexual, gender, and racial identities. This is one example where the trend doesn’t feel quite as “stolen” as other Gen-Z trends; whether or not the members of Gen-Z actually realize where this makeup draws its inspiration remains to be seen, but at the very least the show seems to.

What Euphoria does well besides representation is a use of makeup to represent the different characters.

Rue hardly ever wears makeup – but when she does, it’s a slight trace of glitter, evidence of Jules’ influence on her and slight “brightening” of her life. Jules, meanwhile, is unabashedly herself. She knows exactly who she is; and her makeup reflects that. Maddie is the same way; however, we see her without makeup in times in crisis, whereas Jules still wears hers. This symbolize Maddie’s wavering sense of self as it relates to Nate.

Cassie (except when she’s ice skating, truly embracing herself) and Lexi wear very natural makeup – symbolizing the way that they prefer to blend in and go with the flow. Kat starts out natural, too, but changes drastically as she changes her style to what can be described as almost dominatrix. This symbolizes both her taking ownership of her sexuality, but also her putting on a sort of “mask” and not being herself.

Through the different characters, the show presents makeup as both an extension of ourselves and an obscuring of ourselves, depending on the character in the situation.

And so I have two warnings if you’re wanting to copy the looks seen on the show: 1) Know what cultures the trend is coming from and 2) Be careful that you’re not using makeup to obscure yourself, but rather to extend your personality.

That being said, here’s my guide to trying the makeup yourself (on a budget, of course)!


Jules goes with actually rather simple statement colors. You’ll want eyeliner of all different colors: Colourpop has a good collection. Jules rarely wears mascara, but when she does it’s a bright orange – there’s a good collection of colored mascara here. She’s also a fan of glitter. Colourpop has glitter gel (with larger chunks of glitter like Jules sometimes uses) here, and glitter pigment (used more often by Jules) here. If you want to go more hard core on the glitter, you’ll want to get festival glitter. There’s some options here, here, and here. You can also just obviously use glitter from Michael’s (if it’s going to be on your face – I would not recommend on your lids). Hair gel, vaseline, or a product like glitter fix will work if you want it to stick better!


Maddie is all about fake lashes, jewels, cat eyes, and purple.

There’s a good purple eyeshadow palette here. She also occasionally adds another statement color – get a palette with lots of bright colors here or here (bonus: you’ll probably have enough purple from these ones, too!) You can choose whatever liquid liner you prefer, but I like the NYX eyeliner marker for wings.

For the rhinestones you’re going to want face rhinestones like the ones here. Nail or craft ones work too if they’re not too close to your actual eye. You can find a guide to the best false lashes here – not to brag but I have super long lashes so I don’t use fake ones! You will want a really good mascara though – I actually love falsies or if you’re on less of a budget, Better than Sex mascara.


Obviously this isn’t Kat’s normal look, but it’s really just an exaggerated version of it.

Kat wears more traditionally “sexy” makeup, sticking with berry or red lips, cat liner, and a smoky eye.

My favorite cheap red lipstick is the Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick in 111. People swear by MAC’s russian red or ruby woo. I still love the NYX marker for liner, and the subtle smoky eye can be achieved through Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky palette or the cheaper Revolution version. If you want to copy her Halloween look, a good red eyeshadow palette can be found here.

Tl;dr: Wear makeup because it’s fun, not because you feel you have to. That’s what Jules would want.

Hannah’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Makeup

When I was in middle school, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup.

But I had a colorful palette from Claire’s hidden in my dresser. I took the bus, so moments before I flew out the door with calls of “bye, mom!” I would slide a finger over a lush purple or bright green and swipe it over my eyelids.

It wasn’t exactly makeup. The chalky, barely pigmented color barely adhered to my lid, and by the time the day was over, it was done. I knew nothing of crease color or eyeliner or mascara.

But to me, the color was self expression. I constantly wore jewels and rainbows and ribbons – why was colored eyeshadow any different?

Thankfully, my mother allowed me to wear eyeshadow by high school. Unfortunately, I was sucked into the societally acceptable version of makeup, and went with champagnes and browns in a forgettable wave of subtle glitter.

But every time there was a major holiday, I’d step outside of my comfort zone and embrace my creative side. One of my favorites of these was Valentine’s Day.

There are plenty of great pink palettes to get you ready for Valentine’s Day.

There are really 3 routes to go: peach, bright pink, and reddish tones!

I’ll start with peach! There are a ton of great peach palettes. Too Faced actually has a peach line – see palettes here and here. For cheaper options, Colourpop has great options here and here! Kylie Cosmetics has a good option here, but those peach options are more orange/brown than pink.

There’s actually a great tutorial using the Too Faced palette here (and here). But no matter what palette you use, you’re going to want to use the most pink, probably 2nd lightest, color in the palette. For the Too Faced one, Georgia or Bellini is a good option! For the inner eye and browbone highlight, you’ll go with the lightest shimmer color – for the Too Faced palette, that’s Nectar. As you blend out the lid to the outer corner of your eye, you’ll lean darker and more orange, blending out to the crease. Finally, you’ll choose a dark brown to go over the crease/outer corner, not covering as much area as you did with the orange color.

Image result for peach eyeshadow
It’ll end up looking something like this, maybe a bit pinker depending on the palette you choose!

My favorite is going with a bright pink. I’ve actually used lipstick for this before – careful if you have sensitive eyes, but in a bind lipstick has amazing shades of pink, and you probably already have it lying around.

And when I say pink, I mean PINK.

Image result for bright pink eyeshadow
Image result for bright pink eyeshadow

There’s a great tutorial here (picture above). But basically all you’ll need for this is 2 bright pinks, one slightly darker than the other. Combine two of these (1, 2, 3, 4) or get a colorful palette or pink palette. If you want to make it even more fun, grab a pink glitter pigment (here) and a shimmery gold or white pigment (here) for the inner crease. If you want the look above, I’d go with a white eyeliner in the inner eye. Black winged liner also works great with this look!

Next is a red/rosy look! Some good palettes are here, here, and here! You could also just use a single color or cream like here. Red may seem an odd/creepy option for eyeshadow, but it’s fun for Valentine’s day!

Image result for red eyeshadow
Image result for red eyeshadow
Image result for red eyeshadow

The easiest way is just a red-brown look all over the lids, crease, and bottom lashes, like above! But there’s a good tutorial here if you want to go all out!

Hey, if you don’t have love, at least you can have awesome eyeshadow!!

Hannah’s Guide to Easy Halloween Makeup

ABC Family (or Freeform or whatever) does its 13 Nights of Halloween. Well, you can do 13 nights of Halloween themed makeup!


It’s not *quite* Halloween, so let’s go for something fall themed.

Dark and vampy, but still wearable!


You’ve still got almost 2 weeks!

I don’t know anyone who still drinks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but this look is delicious:


We’re still celebrating fall here. Give me all the orange and gold glitter!!


This is for Christmas, but who cares? It’s GOLD!!


Shit’s getting real now. Let’s get ~spooky~!

Note: green hair optional.


Let’s get even spookier with that black lipstick!!


It’s a WEEK until Halloween!! Halloween parties are certain to start, so let’s start with the makeup-based costumes! First we’ll start with the cute:

Cats are a classic! Also a super easy costume – get/make cat ears, wear black, put on the makeup, and voila. BONUS: Make your bestie go as a witch.


Let’s get beautiful!

EVERYBODY wants to be a mermaid. Don’t waste that on Halloween night! Do it early, as it’s little effort. Just wear a glitter skirt and a crop top and boom, you’re Ariel.


Here’s another kind of easy one:

Throw on some wings and a flowy dress, and you’re set!


My roommate did this last year and it was terrifying. It’s the perfect bridge between pretty and scary.

….Okay, so it’s mostly scary. Get your more innocent dress and put your hair in pigtails or bows and you’ll have all you need.


We did cute-scary, now let’s do sexy-scary.

Vampires are not what they used to be, but they’re still fun. Plus all you gotta do is wear black and trail some red lipstick down your chin if you don’t want to commit.


A fun and easy costume is a Final Girl.

You can honestly pick any horror film, and basically you just wear a tank top and short shorts, smudge some dirt on yourself, and create fake wounds. BONUS: make some fake blood stains and smear it on your shirt.

You can also make this someone like Lara Croft or Buffy the Vampire Slayer depending on how you accessorize.


Time to get real scary.

I hate clowns. I can’t even watch this video. But it’s very ~on trend~. And okay, the costume’s a little more difficult, but it’s almost Halloween!! Just get some white stockings, a white poofy dress, and a clown collar like this.


This is it people!!!

Now, you should do whatever you want on Halloween. But because I’m a nerd, my favorite thing is to do full cosplays of my favorite characters! Here’s some tutorials below:

I have chosen less mainstream options in the past, like Aelita from Code Lyoko back in middle school (I wasn’t very popular), but this one can be a lot of fun and basically however much work you want it to be. I personally like to go all out.

And that’s it!! Happy Halloween, folks!!

Me when I realize Halloween’s in just a few weeks:

Hannah’s Guide to 4th of July Makeup

Me on all other days of the year: I hate America and all it stands for.

Me on July 4th:

Okay, so I can’t resist a chance to dress up (Yes, I had an outfit change). Sue me!

Here’s how I did my July 4th makeup, so y’all can copy next year.

Once again, I recommend this colorful palette because it’s so versatile. But there are some great blue palettes here here here and my personal favorite here!

I actually started with the crease, picking the deepest blue and blending it into my crease and the outer half of my lid. I had primer on, so afterwards I just pressed on some of this silver glitter pigment onto my lid and some of my face. I put a sparkly silvery white eyeshadow in the inner corner, NYX blue liner under my eyes, and my signature NYX marker liner for my winged eyeliner. And then of course red lipstick – I used L’Oreal’s Rouge Signature Matte Lipstick in “I Don’t”, but you can use whatever your favorite bright red is!

That’s what I did, but as long as you stick with red, white (or silver) and blue, you’re probably good.

BONUS: Use glitter stars like the ones here or here!

Image result for glitter stars face
Image result for glitter stars face
Image result for glitter stars face

Feel free to also throw some in your hair if you don’t mind continuing to pick out glitter from your locks in 6 months!

Hannah’s Guide to Kylie’s Original Lip Kits

Kylie’s released a MILLION lip kits by now.

It seems like decades since she released her first few – Candy K, Dolce K, and True Brown K – which sold out within minutes.

Next came Posie K, Koko K, and Mary Jo K; then 22 and Kourt K; then her glosses.

But now that she’s got an entire brand, how do her original lip kits hold up?

8. True Brown K

Image result for true brown k

Look, I get that Kylie wanted to start with brownish nudes. But this is legitimately brown. It’s so brown that I’ve used it as eyeliner multiple times. I feel like she should’ve stuck with classics for her original 3, and this one was not exactly a classic.

7. Kourt K

Image result for kourt k

This was the last of the colors released before her glosses – so I don’t mind that it was a little more out there. However, I’ve really loved some of her other purples since – like Moon or Head Over Heels – and this one is just not the same level. Maybe it’s just that I don’t love darker colors, but this one feels too vampy for me.

6. 22

Image result for 22 lip kit

Okay, I actually love this one, but really I love them all so this one has to be a bit lower than the ones I love more. It’s a great orange-red, but it doesn’t fit on every skin tone (like the 2 above), so that earns it a lower spot.

5. Dolce K

Image result for dolce k kylie lip kit

Ahh, it pains me to put this one so low on the list, because I use it ALL THE TIME. However, it’s not quite as versatile as the others, and it doesn’t work on every skin tone. It’s pretty brown.

4. Mary Jo K

Image result for mary jo k kylie lip kit

I also am obsessed with this one. It’s the perfect candy apple red – the only reason it’s this low is because a lot of other brands have great candy apple reds.

3. Posie K

This is definitely a cult favorite, and I can see why. It’s the perfect rosie pink, and it works on SO MANY different skin tones. It feels unique while still being probably the most similar to Kylie’s go-to shade before the lip kits, Whirl by Mac.

2. Koko K

Image result for koko k kylie lip kit

This one’s probably my personal favorite. I love how subtle it is while still being a strong pink. It’s still brownish and true to her first few colors, but I find it to be the most wearable.

1.Candy K

Image result for candy k kylie lip kit

This one’s my favorite out of her original 3. It’s more versatile than Dolce, but it’s still a great brownish nude. I also feel like it looks really different on different skin tones (more pink than it appears above), and fits more skin tones than Koko K. It also feels true to Whirl while still being different. It fits with Kylie’s brand and her first 3 colors really well!

And that’s it! Kylie’s been insanely busy since then, branching out away from lips into face and eye makeup – but my favorites are still her ever-expanding list of lip kits. She’s built an amazingly successful brand, and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

Hannah’s Guide to Cheap Makeup

So you like makeup, but you’re broke.

I can relate.

So where do I buy my makeup on a budget???

  1. E.L.F.: All their makeup used to be $1, but they’ve since changed. Still, they have a ton of options around $3!
  2. Colourpop: This is definitely nicer than E.L.F. I actually like their eyeshadow’s pigment better than MAC! They also have great matte lip paints that are comparable to Kylie Cosmetic’s lip kits.
  3. MAC: It doesn’t sound cheap, but their eyeshadow pans are actually really cheap! If you already have a holder, you can order the pans online for $7 each – even cheaper during holidays/sales!
  4. Morphe: They have a ton of great huge palettes for really cheap that are comparable to expensive brands. They also have awesome brushes!
  5. B.H. Cosmetics: I really like their contouring palette, but their eyeshadow is supposed to be good, too!
  6. Makeup Revolution and Makeup Geek are supposed to be good for eyeshadow pans and palettes, though I haven’t tried them before!
  7. NYX: I love basically all of NYX’s stuff, but especially their brow and lip stuff!
  8. Drugstore brands: I am not a huge drugstore makeup person, but there are some cult favorites people swear by, like Maybelline Falsies Marscara, L’Oreal True Match foundation, Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser, and L.A. girl concealers for highlighting and contouring.

Also, look out for holiday sales at places like Ulta and Sephora! But I promise you, it’s possible to be a makeup junkie like me on a budget.

Happy shopping!