Hannah’s Guide to Fall Fashion

Does anyone else feel like this summer just flew by?

Somehow it’s already fall, which basically means I need a whole new wardrobe – except I don’t exactly have the means for that. Luckily, a lot of the styles this season can make use of clothes I already have!

How, you ask?


Image result for gif devil wears prada groundbreaking

Yes, I know, layers for fall is pretty obvious. But it’s also useful! You can turn all your trendy spring and summer pieces into fall ones.

Plus, this fall we aren’t just saying any old layering; we’re seeing mixing of fabrics and patterns that are completely new! Plus, we’re going back to 2000s era layering, where the skimpiest clothes go on top.


No, you don’t have to put away your slip dresses from this summer! My favorite option is just to throw on a thin (or thick, depending on where you live) turtleneck on underneath. If you’re shopping, you can also pick out a couple velvet slips – these work great over long sleeves!

Satin slip dress with turtleneck and Ash addict sneakers
& Other Stories | Strap Velvet Dress
A velvet slip dress layered over a mock neck top just screams fall

Pair it with sneakers of short booties, depending on the occasion, and voila! You can also add tights/nylons if need be. White and black are great staple turtlenecks, but pick a couple fall colors like burgundy and burnt orange too!

This also works great with pinafores and overalls!

Ivelina Gancheva; outfit; style; #streetstyle; ootd; denim dress; pinafore; zara denim dress; black turtleneck bodysuit; cinco ginger necklace; gold coin necklace; blonde hair; midi dress with vertical seams; edinburgh


@euphoria “i hate everyone else in the world that isn’t you” | 🌈
Jules Vaughn in Euphoria HBO

Jules on Euphoria does this really well – she manages to make it not look too frumpy by mixing thinner textures like mesh in. Buy a couple mesh long and short sleeves to layer and you’re set!


But sometimes, you want to be frumpy.


We saw a lot of oversized men’s shirts and shorts this summer (and lots of logo tees and sweatshirts). Transition that to fall by adding a long sleeve underneath, boots and high socks with a loose sweatshirt, or switching from men’s button ups to men’s jackets.

champion sweatshirt outfit + plaid coat + high socks + white booties + prada crossbody velvet bag + gold layered necklaces | how to wear a sweatshirt as a dress | urban outfitters fall and winter outfit for teens | #urbanoutfitters #champion #prada #freepeople
True love / Let's Rock
Pinterest: AlwaysAyris❁

The utility jumpsuit is also a great option. Put on some long sleeves or a turtleneck underneath and you’re good to go!

Scout Utility Jumpsuit | $88

All right, enough of the layers! What else are we seeing this fall that’s a holdover from spring/summer?


We saw a lot of longer/midi skirts in the spring/summer – let’s hope you held onto them! If not, they’re still around – pick up a couple darker colors (or leopard!!) and layer with a sweater on top!

Find Out Where To Get The Skirt
leopard print slip dress midi length with a black knit sweater and black ankle boots, leopard print skirt knee length,


If you thought these were finally going away, you thought wrong!

Alright, you can’t exactly recycle your floral bandeau and matching miniskirt. But matching sets and monochrome are still in – especially with patterns like plaid!

Summer Matching Sets
Plaid Matching Skirt and Sweater Set

Better yet, make it a suit!

Как выглядеть модно этой осенью, применив главные секреты стиля — Мир интересного
Women’s suit, lace bodysuit, classy women’s style


Yes, monochrome is still in! Stick with more muted colors, like whites or tans in the same family.

I love the monochromatic style of this look. Beige is such a classy color. #Styl...,  #beige #classy #color #love #monochromatic #Styl #style,
We took a scroll through the Instagram feed to suss out some top-notch monochrome outfits for future inspiration. #fall #fallfashion #fallstyle #falltrends #instagram #shoes #accessories #stylingtips #fashion  #sweater #boots #booties #pants

You can still do colors – my favorite is purple. Just keep them a bit ashier/more muted than normal, or do fall colors like yellow!

A Month’s Worth of Fall Outfit Ideas for Every Rainy, Chilly, Windy Possibility
chic purple monochrome look


You can even still wear flowy/flare pants that you loved so much in summer! Just pair them with a solid color turtleneck, like with the slip dresses. If you’re going to buy some more flowy pants, invest in darker colors and thicker materials like velvet or wool instead of linen.

#fashion #streetstyle #styleinspiration #ootd #clothes #style #lookbook #wear #denim #wardrobeclassics
Model front image of Stories velvet cuffed trousers in blue
A woman is wearing sandstone palazzo pants and a black turtleneck

As it gets colder and colder, things will change, but for now it’s still an easy transition! Stock up on some solid color turtlenecks, sweaters, and long sleeves, and maybe a couple fun mesh ones, and you’ll be solid until the snow starts falling!

Image result for gif arendelle snow

Hannah’s Guide to Euphoria Makeup

So I’m no longer cool (okay, I never was), but it seems like everyone and their mother nowadays is doing bright, sparkly makeup. AKA, the look popularized in the HBO series Euphoria.

It’s a look that defies traditional beauty standards and breaks all the basic eye makeup rules. You’re supposed to look natural; the swarovski crystals are anything but. You’re supposed to stay within your lid; many of the looks on the show include glitter streaming down the cheeks, angular lines on the browbone, and rhinestones on the eyebrows. You’re supposed to stick with neutral colors; half the looks on Euphoria include neon. If you wear statement makeup, your whole face has to be done up; Jules often wears a streak of bright eyeliner with no other visible makeup.

It’s wonderfully subversive and fun, the way that makeup should be – not as a necessary evil to not appear “tired” or “unprofessional” as a woman, but a means of self-expression.

It’s important to note that, like many of youth’s beauty trends, this trend actually comes from drag culture. Take a scroll down pinterest’s drag search and you’ll see plenty of neon, glitter, rhinestones, and coloring “outside of the lines”. It’s the exact opposite of natural. Obviously, as with all drag beauty trends that go mainstream (think of contouring or baking), it’s much more muted and subtle, and it’s got its own twist. But today’s culture is very much influenced by the gay and urban communities, without really paying tribute to them.

Euphoria at least tries to do so. The show’s makeup is appropriately donned by its leading female cast members of different sexual, gender, and racial identities. This is one example where the trend doesn’t feel quite as “stolen” as other Gen-Z trends; whether or not the members of Gen-Z actually realize where this makeup draws its inspiration remains to be seen, but at the very least the show seems to.

What Euphoria does well besides representation is a use of makeup to represent the different characters.

Rue hardly ever wears makeup – but when she does, it’s a slight trace of glitter, evidence of Jules’ influence on her and slight “brightening” of her life. Jules, meanwhile, is unabashedly herself. She knows exactly who she is; and her makeup reflects that. Maddie is the same way; however, we see her without makeup in times in crisis, whereas Jules still wears hers. This symbolize Maddie’s wavering sense of self as it relates to Nate.

Cassie (except when she’s ice skating, truly embracing herself) and Lexi wear very natural makeup – symbolizing the way that they prefer to blend in and go with the flow. Kat starts out natural, too, but changes drastically as she changes her style to what can be described as almost dominatrix. This symbolizes both her taking ownership of her sexuality, but also her putting on a sort of “mask” and not being herself.

Through the different characters, the show presents makeup as both an extension of ourselves and an obscuring of ourselves, depending on the character in the situation.

And so I have two warnings if you’re wanting to copy the looks seen on the show: 1) Know what cultures the trend is coming from and 2) Be careful that you’re not using makeup to obscure yourself, but rather to extend your personality.

That being said, here’s my guide to trying the makeup yourself (on a budget, of course)!


Jules goes with actually rather simple statement colors. You’ll want eyeliner of all different colors: Colourpop has a good collection. Jules rarely wears mascara, but when she does it’s a bright orange – there’s a good collection of colored mascara here. She’s also a fan of glitter. Colourpop has glitter gel (with larger chunks of glitter like Jules sometimes uses) here, and glitter pigment (used more often by Jules) here. If you want to go more hard core on the glitter, you’ll want to get festival glitter. There’s some options here, here, and here. You can also just obviously use glitter from Michael’s (if it’s going to be on your face – I would not recommend on your lids). Hair gel, vaseline, or a product like glitter fix will work if you want it to stick better!


Maddie is all about fake lashes, jewels, cat eyes, and purple.

There’s a good purple eyeshadow palette here. She also occasionally adds another statement color – get a palette with lots of bright colors here or here (bonus: you’ll probably have enough purple from these ones, too!) You can choose whatever liquid liner you prefer, but I like the NYX eyeliner marker for wings.

For the rhinestones you’re going to want face rhinestones like the ones here. Nail or craft ones work too if they’re not too close to your actual eye. You can find a guide to the best false lashes here – not to brag but I have super long lashes so I don’t use fake ones! You will want a really good mascara though – I actually love falsies or if you’re on less of a budget, Better than Sex mascara.


Obviously this isn’t Kat’s normal look, but it’s really just an exaggerated version of it.

Kat wears more traditionally “sexy” makeup, sticking with berry or red lips, cat liner, and a smoky eye.

My favorite cheap red lipstick is the Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick in 111. People swear by MAC’s russian red or ruby woo. I still love the NYX marker for liner, and the subtle smoky eye can be achieved through Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky palette or the cheaper Revolution version. If you want to copy her Halloween look, a good red eyeshadow palette can be found here.

Tl;dr: Wear makeup because it’s fun, not because you feel you have to. That’s what Jules would want.

Hannah’s Guide to Growing Out Your Bangs

Alright, this is definitely the most annoying part about getting bangs: growing them out.

There’s not exactly any trick to it; it just sort of sucks. The easiest way to push them back is with a headband, but who actually wears headbands anymore? Not even Blair Waldorf, I’d venture to guess.

Transitioning into sidebangs is another option – but again, side bangs are a little more 2009 than 2019.

Luckily, we’ve got a new trend that goes *perfectly* with growing out your bangs….


Image result for barrettes

Yes, that’s right – like a lot of other late 90s/early 2000s fashion, hair clips/barrettes are making a comeback.

Image result for barrettes hairstyles

Image result for barrettes hairstyles
Image result for barrettes hairstyles
Image result for barrettes hairstyles
Image result for hair clips 2019

You can choose from any variety of options – from colorful 90s clips (here) to bedazzled statement pieces (lots on etsy!) to plain large bobby pins (here) to tortoiseshell barrettes (here) to pearl-adorned oversized clips (here).

People are wearing them anyways – and they just so happen to be the perfect way to hide bangs!

The two main styles are the center part look seen below:

Image result for 90s barrettes middle part

And the side-part swoop:

Image result for 90s barrettes side part

For both, style hair as usual, parting your hair to the middle or to the side – then brush your bangs back with the rest of the front of your hair using a fine-tooth comb and a bit of hairspray or gel, and simply apply the clip! If you’re doing a middle part, you obviously do this to both sides.

The only style you’re really excluded from here is the deep side part where you clip back the side with less hair using a barrette, as seen below:

Image result for 90s barrettes side part

However, this one actually works with bangs if you commit! Stile your bangs to one side, trying your best to blend them into hair – I find this works best on shorter layered hair, and when you curl it.

Image result for deep side part bangs

Then pin back the non-bang side with barrettes, and voila! You haven’t exactly hidden your bangs, but you’ve now managed the final option in the recent barrette style craze.

There are other options, such as braiding or twisting back your bangs, or simply gelling them down into a low pony.

Image result for growing out bangs

Image result for braid bangs

But why bother when one of 2019’s biggest trends already has you covered?

Hannah’s Guide to Watching Your Friends Move On

Here’s what no one ever tells you: the friends you make in your late teens/ early 20s don’t always stay.

When you first move away from home and make friends, it’s easy to feel like that’s it. Like these are the people who are going to be your bridesmaids; these will be your roommates; these will be your Joey and Chandler and Phoebe, or characters from whatever TV show you most idealize.

You’re young; everything feels new. You feel like a real adult. You feel like yourself, for the first time.

But even your very best friends are going to move on with their lives.

Your 20s are a confusing time: everyone’s still figuring out their job, their interests, their significant other. People are going to go their separate ways; and if you’re like me, you’ll be sitting there wondering where everyone has gone, feeling like a forgotten character in a story.

This is especially true if you haven’t yet decided what you want to do, or if you’re working towards an untraditional career field. You’ll probably have a pregnant friend; a married friend; a friend at a grad school; a friend traveling abroad; a friend working in the field they know they want to be in; a friend doing some sort of volunteer program or advocacy work. Did I get them all?

At first, some of your friends still seem to be unsure where their life is going. But all of a sudden, you might find yourself sitting alone in your cheap apartment building, half a bottle of wine in, eating ramen at 2am even though you have to work the brunch shift tomorrow, snapchatting your friends as if it’s #relatablecontent.

But all of a sudden it’s not anymore.

For someone like me, who has social anxiety, it’s incredibly hard to make new friends. Especially if you’re far from your hometown and high school friends, too. And even those new friends may seem to move on – one moment you’re dancing on the couch to a Halsey remix, and the next they’re practically engaged to your neighbor and starting a clothing line.

So I’m here to say that I get it. It’s still #relatablecontent to me. And just because your friends have moved on doesn’t mean that you won’t, too.

I think we all feel like our lives are supposed to exist on this timeline, which inevitably falls to shit. And seeing our friends mark off checkpoints on our timeline can kind of be a slap in the face that you’re not even close. You’re happy for them, of course. But you can’t help but feel as if they’re judging you.

But here’s the truth: it’s really just you judging yourself.

Your friends don’t have the same timeline as you. And they might be feeling the same way – even if they’re not tipsy, scream-singing Taylor Swift at 8pm alone in their pajamas, they might feel the same way. You are not on the same path – and your path has absolutely nothing to do with them. Just like theirs has nothing to do with you – that’s why they’re in a different city, living their lives the way they want. Maybe it’s time you do the same – and if following your passion means 2am ramen, so be it. I promise you, no one who loves you is judging you. Except maybe your parents, but that’s their job.

Here’s my experience: whatever you’re going through right now always feels like it’s going to last forever. But it never does. Life happens, and all of a sudden you realize you’re in a completely different place than you once were. Think about it: you’re not the same person you were in high school, are you? And your friends aren’t in the same place they were in their early 20s. One day, that’ll be you – and it might not look like it did with them. But it’ll look different.

And here’s the glorious, glorious part about still figuring it all out:

You’re tipsy and dancing to Taylor Swift at 2am, probably getting a noise complaint from your psycho neighbor.

You are having fun.

And someday, you are going to look back on these days with such fondness. Just like you do at the days when you and your college besties were together 24/7, making messes together with no clue how your lives would turn out.

So my advice?

Stop being so hard on yourself. Just enjoy being a mess. So what if it takes you a little longer?

You’re still got plenty of time to be young.

Hannah’s Guide to Billie Eilish

She’s blowing up right now. I’m sure you’ve heard the intro track off her new album, “Bad Guy”, on the radio. She looks like early Halsey, sounds like early Lana del Rey, and dresses like early Snoop Dogg. But who is she? Where did she come from? And how in the hell did she get so popular, so fast?

It all started with Ocean Eyes, a song made with her brother, Finneas O’Connell, and shared to soundcloud. Billie was only 14. It became an overnight sensation, earning Billie a record deal. She dropped her critically acclaimed EP, “Don’t Smile at Me” in 2017, and her much-anticipated first official album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” in 2019. She also performed at Coachella that year and virally met Justin Bieber.

She’s now 17 and got not only a #1 hit, but two popular and critically acclaimed albums. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a young star rise so quickly – her childhood crush Justin Bieber did the same after being discovered on Youtube. But Billie’s music fits into the pop music scene much differently than Justin’s did at the time. Because here’s what’s probably struck you the most about Billie’s music: it’s creepy.

It’s not just the singing, which has an eerie sound by itself; it’s the lyrics. Lana del Rey croons in a sad, eerie voice about failed love, but that’s a far cry from Billie’s songs about the monster under the bed and murdering her friends. Her videos feature spiders crawling into her mouth and needles in her back. She’s not the only star to embrace weirdness, but she’s the only one I can remember to gain such mainstream popularity so fast. In a music scene that is feeling increasingly formulaic, how did Billie’s music get so popular? Is it just that – that it’s different? Is it just because it’s so good? Or is it that she’s done so well at creating a cohesive, specific brand of creepiness? Or do we just love Cinderella stories of success?

I think it’s probably a mixture of all of the above, coupled with something new: Billie is the first Gen Z popstar we have. Gen Z-ers are in high school now, and their interests are not the same as millennials’. Their humor and way of speaking, largely cultivated off the internet and access to other parts of the world’s media, is much “weirder“. And even millennials are primed for this kind of media. “Alternative” music and culture has been sanitized and pushed into mainstream “cool” for years – just look at Coachella. Billie is not as sanitized or mainstream as some of those artists – like Halsey, Bastille, or Lana herself – but she’s a logical next step. And while Billie’s lyrics are more creepy than relatable, their tone reflects the disillusionment millennials and Gen Zers are feeling with the world they’ve inherited. She’s managed to embody a sort of normalized sadness that’s already evident in internet and meme culture (most of which are actually rather negative, in a sort of “sad but true” way), but not just about love like Lana does. This makes sense – dating and love are being redefined by Gen Z-ers, who may not relate to the kind Lana is crooning about in her songs.

Gen-Zers are just starting to enter the real world – as is Billie. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when they make up even more of media consumers. But if this is a preview for what’s to come in music and media, then I for one am excited.

Hannah’s Guide to Avengers: Endgame

So you don’t consider yourself a Marvel fan, but you still want to see Endgame? Not to worry – I’ve got you covered!

If you’re feeling REALLY ambitious, then you can watch every single Marvel movie. The chronological order is as follows (after-credits scenes will not be in order):

  1. Captain America: The First Avenger: recap (good character intro to Steve and Peggy but not very important for events of series)
  2. Captain Marvel (not necessary but fun)
  3. Iron Man: recap
  4. Iron Man 2: recap (really just a setup for Avengers and an introduction to Black Widow and War Machine, very skippable)
  5. The Incredible Hulk (hardly in the universe, easy to skip)
  6. Thor: recap (good intro to Asgard, Thor, and Loki, but not 100% necessary)
  7. The Avengers: recap
  8. Iron Man 3 (not important for plot)
  9. Thor: The Dark World (really not important except that Loki “dies”)
  10. Captain America: The Winter Soldier: recap
  11. Guardians of the Galaxy: recap
  12. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (not necessary for plot)
  13. Avengers: Age of Ultron: recap
  14. Ant-Man (not necessary for plot)
  15. Captain America: Civil War: recap
  16. Spiderman: Homecoming (not necessary for plot)
  17. Doctor Strange (not necessary for plot)
  18. Black Panther (not necessary for plot)
  19. Thor: Ragnarok: recap
  20. Ant-Man and the Wasp (not necessary for plot)
  21. Avengers: Infinity War: recap

Yes, it’s ambitious; but it’s fun! If you’re looking for recaps of the most important ones, I’ve linked those above. If you want a full recap of the universe, there’s a good one here.

If you’re trying to watch the least movies possible to at least know what’s going on, here’s what I suggest:

  1. The Avengers
  2. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy
  4. Captain America: Civil War
  5. Avengers: Infinity War

At least that way, you’ll know all the characters and their relationships. If I had to add in one more it’d be “Thor: Ragnarok” since a) it’s amazing and b) it gives more context to Thor and Hulk’s relationship, Thor and Loki’s relationship, and the character of Valkyrie.

If you’re only going to watch one movie, it’s got to be “Avengers: Infinity War”. “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame” are essentially 2 parts of the same movie, and it’s going to be confusing if you don’t see the first. If you’ll watch two, “Captain America: Civil War” is actually very important despite not being an Avengers movie because it introduces Black Panther and Spiderman, features Ant-Man and the Winter Soldier, and sets up one of the central conflicts of Endgame.

Important plot/character points to know before the movie (pretending you have seen Infinity War – really, you have to if you want to understand what infinity stones are):

  1. In Age of Ultron, after the events of Avengers, Tony and Bruce fear future alien threats and attempt to create a “shield around the world” by creating AI tech to protect the earth. Steve finds out and is not happy. Tony’s plan fails disastrously, leading to the Sokovia Accords.
  2. Steve (Captain America) and Tony (Iron Man) have not talked since Civil War, in which they fought over the UN’s Sokovia Accords – a document the limited the Avengers’ power and put them under government supervision. Tony signed; Steve refused to. They also fought over Steve’s best-friend turned mind-controlled supervillain Bucky, who killed Tony’s parents while under mind control. The Avengers divided into two sides: Iron Man, Rhodey/War Machine, Spiderman, Black Widow, Black Panther, and Vision vs. Captain America, Sam/Falcon, Bucky/The Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Wanda/Red Witch. In the battle, Natasha switches to Cap’s side. Everyone on Cap’s side is afterwards arrested (Hawkeye and Ant-Man take plea deals and go on house arrest) or escapes to go on the run or the next 2 years (Sam, Natasha, Steve, Bucky, and Wanda).
  3. Tony is basically a father figure to awkward teenager/avenger-in-training Peter Parker (Spider-Man).
  4. Bruce (Hulk) took off in a ship after Avengers: Ultron, where he was mind-controlled to cause a lot of damage. He ended up on the planet Sakaar, where he was forced to battle as the Hulk in a number of Gladiator tournaments. Thor and Loki find him there and help him turn back into Bruce, then escape to try to save Asgard from ruin. They can’t, and the Asgardians (and Bruce) end up on a ship in space. BTW, Thor has lost an eye and his long hair. Bruce and Thor have not seen the other Avengers in years, and are not aware of the events of Civil War.
  5. SHIELD (a government organization that the Avengers previously operated under in the first film) was actually run by HYDRA, a nazi science faction. Natasha and Steve expose this in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and bring it down.
  6. Captain Marvel is the most powerful Avenger, but none of the Avengers know her. She is, however, good friends with Nick Fury, from back in the 90s.

And that’s pretty much it! I suggest watching as many films as possible – there are a ton of nods to the past films in Endgame, and it makes it all that much more enjoyable. But it’s not necessary – the film is fun regardless!


Hannah’s Guide to “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

It’s an amazing first (second, if you count her EP) album. But which ones are the best and which ones are not as great? My take below!

13. ilomilo

First of all, it’s really hard to separate the songs on this album. They all flow so well into each other, and ilomilo flows perfectly after bury a friend. But overall, this song by itself is a little forgettable.

12. my strange addiction

Look, I normally love sampling random stuff into songs. And sure, I like The Office. But The Office is not exactly a strange addiction – it’s probably the most common addiction for people Billie’s age. Thus, this song doesn’t quite fit Billie’s very strange appeal.

11. 8

I kind of hated the creepy little girl esque beginning, but now I love it. However, it’s overall a bit forgettable compared to the others.

10. when the party’s over

This kind of feels like an add-on, as it was also on “Don’t Smile at Me”. It’s a great Billie song, but it doesn’t quite feel as if it fits on this album.

9. wish u were gay

This was one of the first tracks she released, and from the “baby I don’t feel so good” intro, I knew I was going to love it. It’s sort of strange and relatable at the same time, discussing a guy blowing you off because he’s just not that into you, and how you’d feel so much better about yourself if it was just because he’s gay. It fits sort of perfectly into Gen Z culture, actually. But it’s not quite as creepy as the others (the crowd booing and cheering is a nice touch, though!).

8. i love you

This one’s beautiful. I love the odd sampling of the flight attendant speech. It’s probably her most Lana-esque song, a soft ballad about a relationship falling apart.

7. listen before i go

This one is another one that’s hard not to think of without the songs around it – it almost feels like part 1 to “i love you”. This song’s pretty blatantly about suicide, but it doesn’t feel inauthentic or romanticized. It’s just sort of simply there, existing, and I think that a lot of teens probably relate to the hopelessness in this song.

6. bad guy

This is the most radio-friendly song, as evidenced by it’s No. 1 status. The lyrics are fun and cheeky while the tone is still dark and creepy. It’s very indicative of what to expect on the album as a whole, so it’s a great opening track!

5. you should see me in a crown

This is another song that was already released separate from the album, but it’s just so good. I love when Billie goes more intense, rather than just a rather muted eerieness. This one’s imagery and lyrics fit with the more badass sort of tone many female rap and pop stars have adopted today, but of course – in classic Billie fashion – creepier.

4. bury a friend

This is another song that’s really indicative of the album as a whole. It’s got the album’s title in the lyrics, so how could it not? It’s wonderfully creepy, just like one of my other favorite songs of hers, bellyache. It embraces Billie’s creepy imagery.

3. all the good girls go to hell

I love this song because it totally embraces the creepiness and dark imagery that Billie surrounds herself with, coupled with the fact that she’s a wide-eyed, pretty 17 year old who also sings anti-drug songs.

2. xanny

And now for the anti-drug song! It would be so easy for Billie’s image to sing about drugs and the weird states they put us in – her imagery is constantly trippy. But instead, she sings about not needing drugs, and the sort of aloneness one feels when surrounded by friends on drugs/drinking, and just the pointlessness of it all. It’s sort of existential, while containing the base heavy tones that sort of make you feel like you’re on drugs after all. This is probably my favorite to listen to on its own.


This one doesn’t really work on its own – it’s a culmination of the whole album. But that’s what makes it so genius. Billie made an experience, not just an album, and this is the siren call. It goes backwards, using notable lines from each of the songs in an extremely eerie, drawn out tone. It’s a work of creative genius, and makes it feel like there’s a hidden message when you combine all the songs together. It’s the perfect way to end the album!

What did you think of Billie Eilish’s new album?

Hannah’s Guide to Not Being Where You Wanted to Be at This Age

I found an old bucket list the other day, as well as a sort of “life plan” that included plans for specific ages.

I laughed so hard I cried. I really thought I’d be in a serious relationship or engaged, be acting on a TV show, or at the very least have my own room in an apartment.

I thought I’d be able to afford berries at Ralph’s.

Unfortunately, that’s not the reality I’m living in. (Though I still hope some parallel universe Hannah is living this life.) The reality I’m living in is a 2 bedroom with 4 people, a minimum wage job, 2 failed careers, and no romantic prospects in sight. I am barely able to survive in LA, and I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen next.

If I could time travel back and talk to the Hannah that made these lists, she would be vastly disappointed in me.

But let’s face it: high school Hannah was a spoiled, entitled, depressive, angsty, anxiety-ridden, unrealistic, judgmental, delusional child.

And I’m probably only about half of those things now!

This is not at all how I thought my life would go. I feel like I took a wrong turn after college and somehow ended up in the middle of a story I didn’t write, don’t recognize, and barely understand. Like I thought I was in a Meg Cabot series but I’m actually in a Dostoevsky novel.

As a good friend nearing her thirties recently told me, this is Being an Adult. And most of the time, it absolutely sucks.

Unfortunately, your twenties are not exactly Friends, either. You’re not dating a new person each week. You don’t live next door to 2-3 of your opposite-gendered friends. You probably don’t have the perfect seats at your coffee shop every time you go. And you definitely don’t have a nice apartment.

Here’s how I like to think of it: this is the time between families. You’ve got a family and close friends and this very stable life until you leave college. And one day when you start your own family (if you choose to), you’ll have those things again, albeit with a lot more responsibility. This is the unstable part between being a kid and having a career. And you can choose to see that as a good or as a bad thing.

You’re probably not going to be Jennifer Lawrence, or Beyonce, or Mark Zuckerberg in your twenties. Even if it seems like the people around you are 10 times more successful than you. And that doesn’t mean you’re not going to be successful. Plenty of people don’t find success until t heir 30s or 40s. And we live in an age where success and stability doesn’t come as early as it used to even ten years ago.

You’ve still got time. And the advantage of that is that you can figure out what you actually like. You can try new things and figure out who you are before committing to any one path. You can fail a hundred times, you can move back home and then back out again, you can lose your job and stay on friend’s couches and my guess is you’re probably still going to be just fine.

At least, that’s my hope.

I’m not where I wanted to be. But I think we need to let go of these expectations we set for ourselves – especially if, like me, you were a high achiever in school. It doesn’t transfer to the real world like we hope it will. Even when our parents and peers expect it to, and seem to judge us when they don’t.

It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with us. It just all takes time.

My advice? Rip up those bucket lists, and figure out what you’re doing that week, or that month, or that year to make you happy.

Hey, one day this is all gonna make for a great story, right?

Hannah’s Guide to Teen Dramas

I consider myself to be a HUGE Teen Drama expert.

I’ve seen pretty much all of them – but which ones are worth it?

I list the top 10 below!

10. The OC

Alright, this one’s a classic. It was a toss-up between this and Dawson’s Creek, but honestly The O.C. is more iconic to me.

I mean, come on. We’ve got classic tropes of bad boy and rich girl, nerd and popular girl, the wonder that is Seth Cohen’s dialogue, an iconic theme song, and one of the biggest memes of our generation. What more could you want?

9. Glee

Don’t hate me on this. I know it’s horrible. But there are 2 kinds of people in the world: people who still have 50 Glee versions of songs on their itunes and liars.

Honestly, the singing’s good. The editing is fun. The first few seasons are cute. It’s the only musical teen show. Let’s just leave it at that, right?

8. Skins UK

Okay, so this is kind of the opposite of the O.C. It’s much more real and gritty, but that’s what I love about it. It confronted so many serious issues in a way that felt authentic. Plus it gave Angsty Teens Effy Stonem gifs to use for generations.

7. Teen Wolf

I love campy shows, and especially shows that know they’re campy. This one’s a totally unrealistic werewolf show with the surprisingly good acting skills of Dylan O’Brien. The special effects are horrible and most of the acting is way over the top, but that just adds to the fun. They actually do a pretty good job exploring littler known mythology, too.

6. Pretty Little Liars

I love teen shows that crossover into other genres, and this is a great example. Discounting the last few seasons, PLL was a great mystery show with a really interesting premise. It also made really good use of the social media and constant texting phase our generation was going through at the time, much like Gossip Girl did. Bonus points for featuring the first lesbian main character on a teen drama (correct me if I’m wrong on this – I don’t think Santana on Glee came out until after Emily).

5. Riverdale

This is another fun mystery show that somehow manages to be both darker and more ridiculous than Pretty Little Liars. Pretty Little Liars was bad but sometimes trying to be good – Riverdale knows exactly what it is. It’s a new show, but it’s honestly already iconic.

Related image

4. 13 Reasons Why

This is another newer show, but like Skins it feels a lot more gritty and real. It explores issues like suicide and rape really authentically. Plus it’s also a mystery, and the music’s amazing. There’s also some stellar acting.

3. Gossip Girl

All the teen drama tropes you love, but make it rich people.

These are the characters you love to hate. The Netflix description literally reads “Rich, unreasonably attractive private school students do horrible, scandalous things to each other. Repeatedly.” and that about sums it up. It’s got awesome fashion and characters whose lives are nothing like yours. But somehow you can’t stop watching. Also makes good use of modern technology!

2. The Vampire Diaries

Another crossover – this one supernatural. It’s not quite as campy as Teen Wolf, and it’s certainly more gory. It also introduced us to one of the more iconic love triangles of all time, where Elena has to choose between vampire brothers Stefan and Damon.

It got a little old after ALL the characters kept dying and coming back to life, but it actually had one of my favorite series finales of all time. It had some epic villains and led to 2 spinoffs, so somebody must’ve liked it. The plotlines are fun, and the acting and special effects are mostly decent enough, but the real reason to watch is the relationships. There’s nothing CW does like creating and sinking ships.

1.One Tree Hill

Sorry, Friday Night Lights fans – this is the only sports teen drama I recognize.

This one holds a special place in my heart because it’s literally where I got my music from. Plus, what other teen show can you remember that lasted NINE seasons?? It gave us Brooke Davis and Sophia Bush, which is reason alone to love it, but it also has literally every teen drama trope ever. Plus the whole setup of Nathan and Lucas actually is really interesting and carries us six of those seasons. And the Peyton Brooke Lucas love triangle is as iconic as Stelena/Delena.

It tried REALLY hard to be deep, but teenage me literally papered my wall with those quotes, so who am I to judge.

Some of its plotlines also rival Riverdale in their ridiculousness.

But mostly, I watched for the characters and relationships.

Hannah’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Makeup

When I was in middle school, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup.

But I had a colorful palette from Claire’s hidden in my dresser. I took the bus, so moments before I flew out the door with calls of “bye, mom!” I would slide a finger over a lush purple or bright green and swipe it over my eyelids.

It wasn’t exactly makeup. The chalky, barely pigmented color barely adhered to my lid, and by the time the day was over, it was done. I knew nothing of crease color or eyeliner or mascara.

But to me, the color was self expression. I constantly wore jewels and rainbows and ribbons – why was colored eyeshadow any different?

Thankfully, my mother allowed me to wear eyeshadow by high school. Unfortunately, I was sucked into the societally acceptable version of makeup, and went with champagnes and browns in a forgettable wave of subtle glitter.

But every time there was a major holiday, I’d step outside of my comfort zone and embrace my creative side. One of my favorites of these was Valentine’s Day.

There are plenty of great pink palettes to get you ready for Valentine’s Day.

There are really 3 routes to go: peach, bright pink, and reddish tones!

I’ll start with peach! There are a ton of great peach palettes. Too Faced actually has a peach line – see palettes here and here. For cheaper options, Colourpop has great options here and here! Kylie Cosmetics has a good option here, but those peach options are more orange/brown than pink.

There’s actually a great tutorial using the Too Faced palette here (and here). But no matter what palette you use, you’re going to want to use the most pink, probably 2nd lightest, color in the palette. For the Too Faced one, Georgia or Bellini is a good option! For the inner eye and browbone highlight, you’ll go with the lightest shimmer color – for the Too Faced palette, that’s Nectar. As you blend out the lid to the outer corner of your eye, you’ll lean darker and more orange, blending out to the crease. Finally, you’ll choose a dark brown to go over the crease/outer corner, not covering as much area as you did with the orange color.

Image result for peach eyeshadow
It’ll end up looking something like this, maybe a bit pinker depending on the palette you choose!

My favorite is going with a bright pink. I’ve actually used lipstick for this before – careful if you have sensitive eyes, but in a bind lipstick has amazing shades of pink, and you probably already have it lying around.

And when I say pink, I mean PINK.

Image result for bright pink eyeshadow
Image result for bright pink eyeshadow

There’s a great tutorial here (picture above). But basically all you’ll need for this is 2 bright pinks, one slightly darker than the other. Combine two of these (1, 2, 3, 4) or get a colorful palette or pink palette. If you want to make it even more fun, grab a pink glitter pigment (here) and a shimmery gold or white pigment (here) for the inner crease. If you want the look above, I’d go with a white eyeliner in the inner eye. Black winged liner also works great with this look!

Next is a red/rosy look! Some good palettes are here, here, and here! You could also just use a single color or cream like here. Red may seem an odd/creepy option for eyeshadow, but it’s fun for Valentine’s day!

Image result for red eyeshadow
Image result for red eyeshadow
Image result for red eyeshadow

The easiest way is just a red-brown look all over the lids, crease, and bottom lashes, like above! But there’s a good tutorial here if you want to go all out!

Hey, if you don’t have love, at least you can have awesome eyeshadow!!