Hannah’s Guide to Fall Fashion

Does anyone else feel like this summer just flew by?

Somehow it’s already fall, which basically means I need a whole new wardrobe – except I don’t exactly have the means for that. Luckily, a lot of the styles this season can make use of clothes I already have!

How, you ask?


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Yes, I know, layers for fall is pretty obvious. But it’s also useful! You can turn all your trendy spring and summer pieces into fall ones.

Plus, this fall we aren’t just saying any old layering; we’re seeing mixing of fabrics and patterns that are completely new! Plus, we’re going back to 2000s era layering, where the skimpiest clothes go on top.


No, you don’t have to put away your slip dresses from this summer! My favorite option is just to throw on a thin (or thick, depending on where you live) turtleneck on underneath. If you’re shopping, you can also pick out a couple velvet slips – these work great over long sleeves!

Satin slip dress with turtleneck and Ash addict sneakers
& Other Stories | Strap Velvet Dress
A velvet slip dress layered over a mock neck top just screams fall

Pair it with sneakers of short booties, depending on the occasion, and voila! You can also add tights/nylons if need be. White and black are great staple turtlenecks, but pick a couple fall colors like burgundy and burnt orange too!

This also works great with pinafores and overalls!

Ivelina Gancheva; outfit; style; #streetstyle; ootd; denim dress; pinafore; zara denim dress; black turtleneck bodysuit; cinco ginger necklace; gold coin necklace; blonde hair; midi dress with vertical seams; edinburgh


@euphoria “i hate everyone else in the world that isn’t you” | 🌈
Jules Vaughn in Euphoria HBO

Jules on Euphoria does this really well – she manages to make it not look too frumpy by mixing thinner textures like mesh in. Buy a couple mesh long and short sleeves to layer and you’re set!


But sometimes, you want to be frumpy.


We saw a lot of oversized men’s shirts and shorts this summer (and lots of logo tees and sweatshirts). Transition that to fall by adding a long sleeve underneath, boots and high socks with a loose sweatshirt, or switching from men’s button ups to men’s jackets.

champion sweatshirt outfit + plaid coat + high socks + white booties + prada crossbody velvet bag + gold layered necklaces | how to wear a sweatshirt as a dress | urban outfitters fall and winter outfit for teens | #urbanoutfitters #champion #prada #freepeople
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Pinterest: AlwaysAyris❁

The utility jumpsuit is also a great option. Put on some long sleeves or a turtleneck underneath and you’re good to go!

Scout Utility Jumpsuit | $88

All right, enough of the layers! What else are we seeing this fall that’s a holdover from spring/summer?


We saw a lot of longer/midi skirts in the spring/summer – let’s hope you held onto them! If not, they’re still around – pick up a couple darker colors (or leopard!!) and layer with a sweater on top!

Find Out Where To Get The Skirt
leopard print slip dress midi length with a black knit sweater and black ankle boots, leopard print skirt knee length,


If you thought these were finally going away, you thought wrong!

Alright, you can’t exactly recycle your floral bandeau and matching miniskirt. But matching sets and monochrome are still in – especially with patterns like plaid!

Summer Matching Sets
Plaid Matching Skirt and Sweater Set

Better yet, make it a suit!

Как выглядеть модно этой осенью, применив главные секреты стиля — Мир интересного
Women’s suit, lace bodysuit, classy women’s style


Yes, monochrome is still in! Stick with more muted colors, like whites or tans in the same family.

I love the monochromatic style of this look. Beige is such a classy color. #Styl...,  #beige #classy #color #love #monochromatic #Styl #style,
We took a scroll through the Instagram feed to suss out some top-notch monochrome outfits for future inspiration. #fall #fallfashion #fallstyle #falltrends #instagram #shoes #accessories #stylingtips #fashion  #sweater #boots #booties #pants

You can still do colors – my favorite is purple. Just keep them a bit ashier/more muted than normal, or do fall colors like yellow!

A Month’s Worth of Fall Outfit Ideas for Every Rainy, Chilly, Windy Possibility
chic purple monochrome look


You can even still wear flowy/flare pants that you loved so much in summer! Just pair them with a solid color turtleneck, like with the slip dresses. If you’re going to buy some more flowy pants, invest in darker colors and thicker materials like velvet or wool instead of linen.

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Model front image of Stories velvet cuffed trousers in blue
A woman is wearing sandstone palazzo pants and a black turtleneck

As it gets colder and colder, things will change, but for now it’s still an easy transition! Stock up on some solid color turtlenecks, sweaters, and long sleeves, and maybe a couple fun mesh ones, and you’ll be solid until the snow starts falling!

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Hannah’s Guide to Cheap Clothes

You’re young. You’re broke.

But you still want to be fabulous.

Okay, fine, you’re just looking for clothes to wear to work that aren’t going-out tops from college or stained beyond repair.

Not to worry! I am here to help.


-Goodwill. Yes, I’m being serious. Most stores have a huge selection. If you still want to be trendy, a great idea is to buy a bunch of men’s shirts and cut them into something cooler, or a bunch of jeans/pants that you cut into shorts. I’m not sure if this is just Los Angeles, but here Goodwill has Dollar Thursdays where everything with a certain color tag is $1. There are so many cool things you can do with just scissors to your clothes, especially if you’re crafty and trying to be trendy.

-Secondhand stores. Sometimes these can still be expensive – the key is to look in the sale section. If something in the store isn’t selling, there’s really nowhere else it can go if it’s already secondhand. So thrift stores often have huge mark-downs, and you can always find a diamond in the rough.

-Online stores like shein or rosegal. Yes, you’re taking your chances here, and you know the quality will be bad. But if you trying to be really trendy (let’s say you need to be for work), then this is a great option. I’ve personally shopped at shein numerous times and found there’s about an 80% success rate of clothes that are wearable. One annoying thing here is waiting for them to actually ship.

-Facebook groups can actually be a great place to find people trying to get rid of a bunch of clothes. It’s especially good to join college groups at the end of the year – not only are people selling clothes cheap, but they’re also usually selling furniture and appliances.

-ebay, poshmark, mercari etc: There are really cute secondhand clothes on these sites for much lower than retail. The only problem is that many of these sites might have $5-10 shipping costs, which can be annoying. Buying from the same seller is a good way to save money here, as is negotiating.

Happy shopping!