Hannah’s Guide to Growing Out Your Bangs

Alright, this is definitely the most annoying part about getting bangs: growing them out.

There’s not exactly any trick to it; it just sort of sucks. The easiest way to push them back is with a headband, but who actually wears headbands anymore? Not even Blair Waldorf, I’d venture to guess.

Transitioning into sidebangs is another option – but again, side bangs are a little more 2009 than 2019.

Luckily, we’ve got a new trend that goes *perfectly* with growing out your bangs….


Image result for barrettes

Yes, that’s right – like a lot of other late 90s/early 2000s fashion, hair clips/barrettes are making a comeback.

Image result for barrettes hairstyles

Image result for barrettes hairstyles
Image result for barrettes hairstyles
Image result for barrettes hairstyles
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You can choose from any variety of options – from colorful 90s clips (here) to bedazzled statement pieces (lots on etsy!) to plain large bobby pins (here) to tortoiseshell barrettes (here) to pearl-adorned oversized clips (here).

People are wearing them anyways – and they just so happen to be the perfect way to hide bangs!

The two main styles are the center part look seen below:

Image result for 90s barrettes middle part

And the side-part swoop:

Image result for 90s barrettes side part

For both, style hair as usual, parting your hair to the middle or to the side – then brush your bangs back with the rest of the front of your hair using a fine-tooth comb and a bit of hairspray or gel, and simply apply the clip! If you’re doing a middle part, you obviously do this to both sides.

The only style you’re really excluded from here is the deep side part where you clip back the side with less hair using a barrette, as seen below:

Image result for 90s barrettes side part

However, this one actually works with bangs if you commit! Stile your bangs to one side, trying your best to blend them into hair – I find this works best on shorter layered hair, and when you curl it.

Image result for deep side part bangs

Then pin back the non-bang side with barrettes, and voila! You haven’t exactly hidden your bangs, but you’ve now managed the final option in the recent barrette style craze.

There are other options, such as braiding or twisting back your bangs, or simply gelling them down into a low pony.

Image result for growing out bangs

Image result for braid bangs

But why bother when one of 2019’s biggest trends already has you covered?

Hannah’s Guide to Getting Bangs

So you’ve finally decided you’re going to do it. You’re going to take the plunge and get bangs.

All jokes aside, some people look amazing with bangs. Of course, everyone cites Zooey Deschanel, but she’s not the only one.

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Image result for jessica biel bangs
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Image result for celebrities with bangs

Plenty of other celebrities look amazing with bangs! Sure, they have stylists, but it is possible for the average person to get awesome bangs. You just have to make sure they’re the right style for you.


This is my personal favorite. The hair isn’t actually that short, or only a few pieces are, so it’s a great way to experiment with bangs.

Image result for bardot bangs
Image result for bardot bangs

You don’t have to always style them as bangs, but it’ll help you get used to them.


Sidebangs are out, but sideswept bangs are all the rage. Just look at Emma Stone.

Image result for side swept bangs

These are great if you have a more square-shaped head/jaw and don’t want to look too angular. The bangs are also longer and not as thick, so they’re not as much of a commitment!


Image result for choppy bangs

These are a great more edgy, messy option if you don’t feel like you’re the “bangs type”.


Image result for blunt bangs

Look, I’m gonna be honest. There aren’t a lot of people who look good with these, especially if they’re thick/shorter. You’re really got to have a heart or diamond shaped face, and avoid making them ~too~ straight.


These obviously only work if you’ve got curly hair.

Image result for curly bangs

I’m obsessed with these. I wish I had curly hair so I could get these.

They also have the bonus of being longer, so if you straighten them they don’t really seem like bangs anymore.


These are basically Bardot Bangs, but shorter and a bit more blunt. But they don’t seem that way because they’re separated in the middle!

Image result for bangs

I love these bangs, but my sister says they look like Dwight from the Office. They’re great if you have a more rectangular face, and I feel they highlight the cheekbones.

Those are basically it besides short bangs – which I hate so I’m going to ignore – but I just want to show that getting bangs may seem like a huge step, and yes it’s annoying to grow them out, but they can look amazing! Especially if you have a big forehead like moi. There are also different ways of styling them, especially if they’re long!

Plus, they look so cute when you put your hair in a ponytail.

Image result for ponytail bangs
Image result for ponytail bangs