Hannah’s Guide to Christmas Makeup


Look, I’m going to make this super simple. It’s Christmas. You already know gold/silver/white glitter, cat eyes, and red lipstick are go tos: see below.

You’ll find about a million tutorials for this (see here and here).

You already know my favorite products, too: Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 108, NYX Fine Line liner, and NYX metallic glitter in really any color.

But say you want to change it up this year: I have a couple new palettes that I’m obsessed with. And no surprise, they’re…..


Yes, I’m talking about the Elsa and Anna eyeshadow palettes by Colourpop!! If you’ve read other makeup blogs, you know I love Colourpop. They’ve got great prices and pigments, and these palettes do not disappoint.

Let’s start with the Elsa palette:

Image result for frozen palette colourpop

This one has some really great colors. My favorite is the upper right corner, called Northern Lights. It’s a really pretty champagne pink. Fair warning, the white color on the top left (Cuddle Close) and the silver on the bottom middle (Ice Crystals) both have a bit of a blue tinge!

The colors are gorgeous, and create the perfect icy winter look. See below for a great tutorial! (Which also uses the other Elsa makeup!)

Now for the Anna palette!

Image result for frozen palette colourpop

This one’s a lot warmer, like Anna. I love Scooch In, the top left, as a highlight color, and the Arendelle gold glitter is gorgeous. This palette is also great for fall. Here’s a tutorial below!

Here’s another great tutorial that uses both!

Overall, I like Elsa’s palette better, but I tend to use shadows from both when creating a look. It’s really fun to experiment with mixing colors like purple and blue like Elsa does, and Anna’s looks are really nice and more everyday.

Anyways, besides my signature look, that’s what I’m wearing this holiday season! What about you?

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