Hannah’s Guide to Sugaring

Summer is right around the corner!

AKA, bathing suit season is right around the corner. And hey, you should wear whatever you feel confident in and groom yourself however you want. BUT, if you do normally shave or wax your bikini area, I have a suggestion for you….


You might’ve heard of it or seen a weirdly specific facebook ad (how does facebook know this stuff??), but I’m here to give you the full DL.

I’ve shaved most of my life, but it was growing tiring and itchy, plus it wasn’t lasting long enough. I wanted to wax, but I had heard how painful it was. When I heard about sugaring, and that it was less painful than waxing, I decided to give it a try.

I went to Sugared + Bronzed, a fancy tanning and sugaring chain here in Los Angeles. It was pretty easy to book online, and then I just showed up and signed in. The women at the front desk were all beautiful and friendly, and there was flavored water in the very clean waiting area. I probably waited about 10 minutes before I went in!

Once I went in, the woman told me to undress and use a sanitary wipe that she provided, then put a towel (which was really more of a paper towel) over my legs and lie down with my knees bent, like I was about to do crunches (which, thank god, I wasn’t). I was super nervous – I’m not a big fan of someone being up close and personal to my private parts, especially if they’re about to inflict pain. And I’m not going to lie, it was awkward – she chatted with my the whole way through, like we were acquaintances left alone by a mutual friend at a party, but I still felt weird. I guess that’s the price you pay for someone else ripping the hairs off your vagina.

Before she began, she explained the process and showed me what the “wax” looked like – it was a light amber glob and actually really pretty. She explained it was just lemon, honey, and sugar, and that it was much more natural than waxing. She began to lay down the paste, starting below my belly button and and getting the top and the sides first. This part wasn’t actually too bad. I could tell she was going fast to try to get it over with, attempting to distract me with her questions, but I was actually doing alright.

Then came the bad part.

If you’re just getting a bikini wax, I’m sure you’ll be fine. But if you’re getting the full brazilian…..

Just be warned. It will not be fun.

ESPECIALLY if you always shave. As you will have explained to you, once you start sugaring or waxing, the hairs grow back finer and pull out easier. But after shaving the hair is course and thick, and pulling them out will be extremely painful, especially on more sensitive areas. The good news is that if you go regularly, this first time will definitely be the worst.

The bad news if you do find yourself in a bind and shave later on, you’re starting from scratch again.

At the end the woman had me lift my legs in the air so she could get my, err, backside. This part was probably the least painful. At the very end she pulled out tweezers and grabbed a last few hairs – on times where I went back, this was not necessary, but if it’s your first time it might be. Then she put a hot towel on and put on oils to soothe the skin, and handed me a mirror so I could see if I liked it.

That’s probably the weirdest moment – staring at your bald vagina in a mirror with a stranger and crooning about how much you love it, like you’ve just gotten highlights or something.

And then it’s all over! The woman left me to get dressed again, and I paid at the exit. The whole thing took about fifteen minutes, minus the waiting time. They had a deal for your second session free, so I also went back a month later and have been a few times since then.

I also went to another place that a woman ran in her backhouse – sounds sketchy but I promise it was legit. This was a bit more thorough, but took a lot longer – honestly, I felt like the creams and such she applied with care was a bit excessive to the point of making me feel uncomfortable. I’d much rather an in-and-out kind of approach, as I hate people touching me at all – but I could see how that wouldn’t be for everyone.

Overall, sugaring was a great experience and I will definitely go back. I never got an ingrown hair from it, and though the process was painful (I’m not sure if it was more painful than waxing, as I’ve never been waxed) and awkward the results lasted at least a month, 2 if I did a little upkeep. The woman at Sugared + Bronzed also informed me that their trainees do sugaring there for very low prices if you’re on a budget.

But if you’re looking for something that’s virtually painless, this is DEFINITELY not for you. You’ll want to stick with shaving until they come up with something better!

Happy sugaring!

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