Hannah’s Guide to 4th of July Makeup

Me on all other days of the year: I hate America and all it stands for.

Me on July 4th:

Okay, so I can’t resist a chance to dress up (Yes, I had an outfit change). Sue me!

Here’s how I did my July 4th makeup, so y’all can copy next year.

Once again, I recommend this colorful palette because it’s so versatile. But there are some great blue palettes here here here and my personal favorite here!

I actually started with the crease, picking the deepest blue and blending it into my crease and the outer half of my lid. I had primer on, so afterwards I just pressed on some of this silver glitter pigment onto my lid and some of my face. I put a sparkly silvery white eyeshadow in the inner corner, NYX blue liner under my eyes, and my signature NYX marker liner for my winged eyeliner. And then of course red lipstick – I used L’Oreal’s Rouge Signature Matte Lipstick in “I Don’t”, but you can use whatever your favorite bright red is!

That’s what I did, but as long as you stick with red, white (or silver) and blue, you’re probably good.

BONUS: Use glitter stars like the ones here or here!

Image result for glitter stars face
Image result for glitter stars face
Image result for glitter stars face

Feel free to also throw some in your hair if you don’t mind continuing to pick out glitter from your locks in 6 months!

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