Hannah’s Guide to Fitness Without a Gym

So your building doesn’t have a gym, and you can’t afford a membership?

Not to worry – I’ve got you covered!

Now, I know this is expensive, but Classpass is a great option. Even if you can’t afford it, try it out for a month – the first month’s free! It allows you to take cool workout classes all around your city, like cycling or boxing, or trapeze! There are also other gyms that offer a free week (Corepower) or 2 to take advantage of!

But assuming you don’t want to even tempt yourself to pay for a membership, there are lots of great other options.

The first is, obviously, running. There’s a list of great running apps here, but I prefer MapMyRun because it’s very standard and simple! There’s a good guide to starting running here, but I suggest just starting out with one mile, running as much of it as you can, and doing that 3 times at week until you can build up to 2, 3, and 4. It’s all very personal – whatever works for you! Podcasts or books on tape are great to distract you on your run if you hate running, but I just listen to music! Finding a running buddy is a really big help, too!

Walking is also great. In Los Angeles there are a ton of easy hikes (my favorite is Fryeman – park at Wilacre Park and you’ll see the entrance!) but simply walking a couple miles every morning is a great way to start your day!

If you’re looking to do some strength training, it’s a great idea to invest in some simple equipment. I’d recommend 5lb dumbbells, oval resistance bands, long resistance bands, a pilates ball, an exercise ball, a kettlebell, and a yoga mat!

Here are some great exercises using these:

  1. Dumbbell exercises
  2. Resistance band exercises
  3. Exercise ball exercises (more here)
  4. Pilates ball exercises
  5. Kettlebell exercises
  6. Beginning yoga (good video here)

There are also some great apps for working out on your own, with or without equipment! I like the Nike Training Club App. There’s a list of good apps here! I also like Tone It Up, Ballet Beautiful, and Sweat By Kayla for women, but those can both be expensive. However, they offer some free workouts online! Insanity is also a great (difficult) workout that you can usually find free videos of online if you’re not willing to pay.

Youtube is a great resource to find easy at-home workouts. I personally like the blogilates channel, but popsugar fitness is another great option! There’s a good list of resources here.

And finally, if there’s nowhere in your apartment building to work out, working out outside without running is always an option! Monkey bars, scaffolding, and benches/ledges/stairs are great tools. Here‘s a good outdoor workout – here’s another – and here’s a bunch!

It’s totally doable to stay fit without a gym! You just gotta find what works for you.

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