Hannah’s Guide to Cheap Clothes

You’re young. You’re broke.

But you still want to be fabulous.

Okay, fine, you’re just looking for clothes to wear to work that aren’t going-out tops from college or stained beyond repair.

Not to worry! I am here to help.


-Goodwill. Yes, I’m being serious. Most stores have a huge selection. If you still want to be trendy, a great idea is to buy a bunch of men’s shirts and cut them into something cooler, or a bunch of jeans/pants that you cut into shorts. I’m not sure if this is just Los Angeles, but here Goodwill has Dollar Thursdays where everything with a certain color tag is $1. There are so many cool things you can do with just scissors to your clothes, especially if you’re crafty and trying to be trendy.

-Secondhand stores. Sometimes these can still be expensive – the key is to look in the sale section. If something in the store isn’t selling, there’s really nowhere else it can go if it’s already secondhand. So thrift stores often have huge mark-downs, and you can always find a diamond in the rough.

-Online stores like shein or rosegal. Yes, you’re taking your chances here, and you know the quality will be bad. But if you trying to be really trendy (let’s say you need to be for work), then this is a great option. I’ve personally shopped at shein numerous times and found there’s about an 80% success rate of clothes that are wearable. One annoying thing here is waiting for them to actually ship.

-Facebook groups can actually be a great place to find people trying to get rid of a bunch of clothes. It’s especially good to join college groups at the end of the year – not only are people selling clothes cheap, but they’re also usually selling furniture and appliances.

-ebay, poshmark, mercari etc: There are really cute secondhand clothes on these sites for much lower than retail. The only problem is that many of these sites might have $5-10 shipping costs, which can be annoying. Buying from the same seller is a good way to save money here, as is negotiating.

Happy shopping!

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