Hannah’s Guide to “Reputation”

  1. Don’t Blame Me: I can’t say a single bad thing about this song. It may be my favorite Taylor Swift song ever – I love when she does songs that are a little lower/darker. This song alone makes up for years of silence. I’ve literally played it on repeat for a week straight. 
  2. Getaway Car: This feels like 1989 but updated in the most wonderful way!! It’s true to Taylor while still feeling new. I love the Bonnie and Clyde imagery and the tune is just so fun.
  3. I Did Something Bad: This is just a fun song while still having a darker, sexier tune which I love. This is the only other song I actually bought off the album. I love how unapologetic it is lyrics-wise, but what earns it the #2 spot is the tune. It also has a great opening!
  4. This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: It’s a perfect mix of Red and 1989. It’s just so fun to sing along to!
  5. New Year’s Day: This one should honestly be higher because I love it. But it also makes me want to cry so I can’t always listen to it.
  6. King of My Heart: The title of this one is a little lame. But I love the tune!
  7. Delicate: I love the sort of afraid, cautious nature of this song’s lyrics. It doesn’t feel like anything she’s done before. I like how it refers to the way her reputation has actually affected her love life.
  8. Look What You Made Me Do: This one probably had an unfair advantage from coming out first – I didn’t love it at first, but now I’ve listened to it so much that I love it.
  9. Gorgeous: This is another one that’s just fun on kind of a darker album. Also very relatable, and I love any cat references.
  10. ….Ready for It?: The sing-talking is a little cringe-y…that being said it’s a fun, enjoyable song to listen to and I definitely sing-talk along with her! This one’s a guilty pleasure.
  11. Dress: I like the verses and love the bridge, but I don’t love the chorus. It feels like something I’d hear on the radio from some other popstar; it’s a good song, but it’s not that unique. It reminds me a lot of I Don’t Wanna Live Forever. Good for Taylor for embracing singing about sex now, though!
  12. Dancing with Our Hands Tied: The best part of this song is the title. it has an unexpected tune – that’s not a good or bad thing. I think I wanted it to be a ballad, though. The high hopes I had for this song based on title weren’t really lived up to, but it’s not a bad song. I like the intro, but then when it jumps into lyrics I’m not crazy about it. The bridge is better than the verses for sure.
  13. Call it What you Want: The lyrics start off good, then get cringe-y (“my baby’s ___” lines). The tune is nice, but I feel like it’s kind of anticlimactic; like it builds to something that never happens. It’s also just too cheesy for my taste, but that’s because I’m a cynic.
  14. So it Goes…” This feels like it’s trying to be a song off Halsey’s new album that didn’t quite make it on. There’s too much auto-tune, too. I know that’s the style, but I don’t like it
  15. End Game: I don’t mind pairing with rappers, but this pales in comparison to Bad Blood. It just feels too radio-y and out of character. I was excited for a song with Ed Sheeran but this one is not my favorite.

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